Specification Writing Services

Specification writers from Colorado Doorways can ensure your project has the doors, frames and architectural hardware the building owner needs.As an architect, you demand the highest quality. That is why Colorado Doorways specification writing service is for you. Our staff consists of nine Architectural Hardware Consultants who have worked with architects and general contractors on a wide range of types of projects including high-rise office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, and detention facilities.

Our specification writers are specialists in the field. With our experience, we can design a hardware specification based on your requirements and ensure they meet all building, fire ADA and life-safety codes. 

In addition, we carry a City of Denver Access Control Supervisor Certificate which enables us to design access control systems in the City of Denver conforming to the city's strict building code.

Our specification writers are specialists in the field. Dealing with our spec writers is easier than ever today. Working online with e-mail eliminates any lag in waiting for your important documents. You can e-mail your drawings to us and we will handle printing them on site ourselves! We then can send your specification via e-mail and you will have it in your hands in a matter of minutes!

If you have any questions about our specification writing service, please e-mail specs@codoor.com and one of our spec writers will get back to you.

CDI employs nine Architectural Hardware ConsultantsExperience is the difference! Colorado Doorways employs more Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHCs) than any other distributor in the region.  AHCs are recognized as industry experts and are trained to recognize a builder’s hardware requirements for door openings in all types of public, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. AHCs coordinate thousands of builders' hardware items and options to ensure door openings are in compliance with fire, life safety, accessibility and building code requirements.