Hollow Metal Door & Frame Products

Hollow metal doors and frames designed to withstand the most demanding conditions.Hollow metal doors and frames are a required part of virtually any construction project. Colorado Doorways understands that and knows that you need the highest quality at the best price possible. That is why we deal directly with the best hollow metal manufacturers like Curries and Timely to ensure you get a quality product when you need it.

Our on-site fabrication shop has the ability to handle any job with extraordinary care given to finishing. We can add louvers, create borrowed and side lites, special hardware preps and reinforcements and customize the doors and frames however you require. We stock frames in eight jamb depths including:

4 7/8" 
5 7/8"
6 3/4"
7 1/4"
7 3/4"
8 3/8"
8 3/4"
9 5/8"

Additionally, we stock drywall frames in 4 7/8" and 5 7/8".

Interior commercial hollow metal doors and frames.Colorado Doorways either stocks, or has access to, virtually every type of hollow metal door you might be interested in. From simple polystyrene core and sound proof doors to vertically stiffened doors and even bullet resistant doors, it is all here.

Curries metal doors and frames.
CDI has been a top 10 national distributor
for Curries since 1997

All our doors and frames are tested in accordance with SDI and NAAMM standards. Fire labels can be applied in our factory authorized shop. To ensure the best quality, CDI has an extensive Quality Control Program.

Hollow metal doors and frames are Colorado Doorways' specialty. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in the quality and performance of any of our products. Let us know what we can do for you!